Christmas Annual 1941 An American Annual of Christmas Literature and Art

 Christmas Annual 1941 An American Annual of Christmas Literature and Art
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Original Christmas An American Annual of Christmas Literature and Art 1941

Christmas Annual Size and Page Count: 10.5" X 13.5" Tall, 72 pages Volume Eleven 1941

Condition: Very good, pages tanned from age, Complete

Illustrations Information: Illustrations on nearly every page, some pages with multiple illustrations

  • The Christmas Gospel according to St. Luke and St. Matthew
  • * Joy Cometh in the Morning, A Christmas Legend, by Mabel Ansley Murphy
  • * Day of Work and No Cheer, by Lois Lenski
  • * The Christmas Mystery Play, by Edna Hong
  • * Happiness for Sale, Grace Noll Crowell
  • Christmas Articles 
    * Four American Christmas Carols, by W.G. Polack
    * The Stillness of Christmas, by John Peterson
    * Historic Ships and Christmas Days in Early American History, by H.M.Hobson
    * The Christmas City of America, by Burnette Thompson
    * It's Christmas in America, by Grace Jewel Jensen
    * Flowers of Christmas, by H.M. Hobson

    Christmas Poetry 
    * Peace on Earth, by Grace Noll Crowell
    * The Christmas Silence, by Margaret Deland
    * A Sheaf of Yuletide Verse, selected by G.B.F. Hallock
    * In Excelsis Gloria, by Thibaud
    * What Can I Give Him?, by Christina Rossetti
    * Christmas Prayer, by Karen Elba
    * Light of the World, by Alfred Grant Walton
    * Can This Be Christmas Day?, by Alfred Grant Walton
    * Gifts for the Bethlehem Manger, by Myra Scovel
    * A Lovely Starlit Night, by Chauncey Fitch Skilling
    * Starlight Over Bethlehem, Mary Tash Lloyd
    * A Christmas Carol, by James Russell Lowell

    Christmas Carols 
    * O Little Town of Bethlehem, by Phillips Brooks
    * Three Kings, by John henry Hopkins
    * Christmas Bells, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    * The Babe of Bethlehem, uncredited
    * Not Jerusalem, Lowly Bethlehem, uncredited

    Christmas Art 
    * Early American Yuletide, by Stryker Ingerman (on the book cover and box cover)
    * Madonna and Child, by Stryker Ingrman (frontispiece)
    * Title Page and Colophon, by Frank Kofron
    * The Arrival of the Shepherds, by Henri Lerolle
    * The Carolers, by Margaret Gardner
    * The Angelic Host, by Franklin Booth
    * In the Land of the Skyblue Waters, by Knute Heldner
    * Yesterday's Christmas, by Hedvig Klinefelter

    Christmas Illustrators ~
    * Franklin Booth, John L. Ellingboe, Margaret Garnder, Knute Heldner, Stryker Ingerman, M. Kachenko, Regina Koelnau, Frank Kofron, Lois Lenski, and Lee Mero

  • Christmas Photography ~
    * Light of the World, a Kodachrome, by S. Ellertson 
    * The Capitol, by Carlock
    * The White House, by Mary E. Browning
    * Mount Vernon, by Philip Gendreau
    * Monticello, by Philip Gendreau
    * The Hermitage, by Philip Gendreau
    * Williamsburg, by Philip Gendreau
    * Lee's Mansion, byPhilip Gendreau
    * Lincoln's Home, by H. Armstrong Roberts
    * The Supreme Court Building, by Harris & Ewing
    * Pennsylvania, by John Kabel
    * Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, by Ralph H. Anderson
    * Preparing for Christmas, by Harold M. Lambert
    * Christmas Eve, by Philip Gendreau
    * Christmas Day, by G.A. Douglas
    * Tobogganing in Sequoia National Park, by Laval Co.
    * Skating at Rockefeller Center, by A.F. Sozio
    * Skiing in New England, by Philip Gendreau
    * Spanish Moss in Carolina, by Philip Gendreau
    * Santa Barbara Mission, by Philip Gendreau
    * The Alamo, by H. Armstrong Roberts
    * On the Mississippi, by John Kabel
    * The Grand Canyon, by John Kabel
    * Tropical Sunset in Florida, by Philip Gendreau
    * Ohio, by John Kabel
    * Poinsettias, a Kodachrome, by John Kabel

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