Battle of Trafalgar, Harper's Monthly February 1886, Kentucky, Kissimmee

Battle of Trafalgar, Harper's Monthly February 1886, Kentucky, Kissimmee
Battle of Trafalgar, Harper's Monthly February 1886, Kentucky, Kissimmee
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ORIGINAL EDITION Publisher-Printing Location:  Harper & Brothers, New York Date and Numbering: February, 1886 Volume LXXII, Number CCCCXXIX
Size and Page Count: 6.5" X 10" Tall, 187 pages, the back cover with advertisements and statement of Harper's New Monthly Magazine
Condition: Fair, binding good, staples have rust on them, front cover is present but unattached, covers has a few tears
Illustrations Information: 50 engravings   ----An excellent opportunity for the collector, researcher or historian----

Articles and Information:

  • Battle of Trafalgar, October 21, 1805 Frontispiece engraved by Pettit from drawing by J. O. Davidson

  • The British Navy  -By Edward J. (Edward James), Sir Reed with illustrations from photographs: The victory, The Glatton, The Dreadnought, The Davastation, Section of Amiral Duperre, Section of Inflexible, Section of Collingwood, The Inflexible, The Sultan, The Alexandra, The Temeraire, Section of Alexandra, Section of Temeraire, Section of Nelson, Section of Shannon, The Hotspur, The Warspite, Transverse section of the Mersey, The Inconstant, The Colossus, Transverse Section of one of the new Scouts, The Jumna, New Admiralty Ship

  • Poem:  Your Coming -By D.H.R. (Dora Hill Read) Goodale

  • She Stoops to Conquor; or, the Mistakes of a Night. A comedy (act third, continued) with 4 illustrations By Oliver Goldsmith

  • The Blue-Grass Region of Kentucky -By James Lane Allen with illustrations from photos and drawings by Julian Rix: Head-piece, Sweet-potato Field, Blue-grass Pasture, A Spring-House, Kentucky Priver from high bridge, Sheep Pasture, Negro Cabins, Old Farm-House, Harrodsburg Pike, Hemp Field

  • East Angels (chaps. XXIV-XXV) -By Constance Fenimore Woolson

  • Manual Training  -By Charles Henry Ham

  • Living Balls  -By Olive Thorne Miller with illustrations by J. Carter Beard: Bolita, three-banded Armadillo, The Manis or Scaly Ant-eater, Porcupine Ant-eater Anthoglossus, Carpet-snake, Living Globes of the Ocean, urchin-fish, sea-porcupine, Balloon-fish, Ornithorhynchus, Duck-bill

  • Mr. Wegg's party on the Kissimmee  -By Henrietta Hardy Hammond with illustrations: Head piece, cabbage-palms, Gum Swamp, on the Kissimmee, Shooting Alligators

  • For Looly  -By Kate Upson Clark illustration by A. B. Fronst engraved by Tinkey

  • Poem:  A Bruised Rose  -By Charles Washington Coleman

  • Education as a factor in prison reform  -By Charles Dudley Warner

  • Indian summer (XXI-XXIV) -By William Dean Howells

  • The Tazih, or passion play of Persia -By S.G.W. (Samuel Greene Wheeler) Benjamin

  • A conflict Ended -By Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman

  • Editor's study/Review By William Dean Howells

  • Monthly record of current events

  • Editor's drawer

  • The colored sexton  -By Lynn Burdette

  • Editor's drawer/Poem

  • Editor's drawer -By Elhegos

  • Editor's drawer/Poem:  The christening -By E.T. (Elizabeth T.) Corbett

  • Editor's drawer  -By M.C.S.

  • Editor's drawer/Cartoon:  Misdirected sympathy



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