Boyhood of Christ, Harper's Monthly December 1886, Saint Nicholas

Boyhood of Christ, Harper's Monthly December 1886, Saint Nicholas
Boyhood of Christ, Harper's Monthly December 1886, Saint Nicholas Boyhood of Christ, Harper's Monthly December 1886, Saint Nicholas
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ORIGINAL EDITION Publisher-Printing Location:  Harper & Brothers, New York Date and Numbering: December, 1886 Volume LXXIV, Number CCCCXXXIX Size and Page Count: 6.5" X 10" Tall, 238 pages 
Condition: Good, binding good, cover has small flaking at spine and some age yellowing, foxing, address label on front cover, some small tears
Illustrations Information: 54 engravings   ----An excellent opportunity for the collector, researcher or historian----

Articles and Information:

  • When Christmas Comes Frontispiece from Edwin A. Abbey
  • Poem:  Sally in our Alley -By Henry Carey
  • The Boyhood of Christ  -By Lew Wallace with illustrations by Alfred Bramtot and Sue O. Merson engraved by King, Muller, Grimley,Davis, Reid:- Initial L. , Angles watching over Child Jesus, Mary teaching Jesus the Alphabet, Listening for Voices, On the Way to Jerusalem In the Nazareth Synagogne
  • Poem: The Legend of Saint Nicholas -By Elizabeth Wormeley Latimer with illustrations by Mary L. Gow, engraved by Wellington and French:  Beggar Mother, they Led St. Nicholas to the Chamber of the Dead, Round the Knight a Golden Shower did Pour
  • La Mere Venus. An out-door study-By George Henry Boughton with illustrations by G.H.Boughton engraved by Dodenstab: Initial I, Virginie and Julie, one of my visitors, Mothers bring polished and combed Babies, on his good behavior, The Cronies
  • Poem:Inasmuch  -By Wallace Bruce with illustration by A. B. Front engraved by Tinkey
  • Polly. A Christmas Recollection -By Thomas Nelson Page with illustrations by E.W.Kenble engraved by Stewart and Delorme
  • The Mouse-Trap. A Farce  -By William Dean Howells with illustrations by C.S.Reinhart
  • The White Garden  -By Harriet Lewis Bradley with illustrations by Alfred Fredericks
  • Poem: The Legend of Frey Bernardo  -By Richard Henry Stoddard with illustrations by Frederic Dielman engraved by Wolf
  • Wood notes  -By W. Hamilton (William Hamilton) Gibson with illustrations by W.H.Gibson: Wood interior, Strategy of the Chewink, Nest of the Veery, Bumblebee's Charge, Interesting Tramp, Keys to Buried Treasure
  • The King of Folly Island  -By Sarah Orne Jewett with illustrations by Frederic Dielman engraved by Putnam and Faber
  • Poem: The Cup of death  -By Louise Chandler Moulton with ilustration by Elihu Vedder engraved by Frank French
  • Blind Willy -By B.L. (Benjamin Leopold) Farjeon
  • Beryl's happy thought. A Thanksgiving story  -By Blanche Willis Howard
  • Editor's easy chair
  • Editor's drawer/Poem:  Coquetry's argument  -By C.H. Thayer
  • Sitting down with a preacher -By Pet R. O'leum
  • Editor's drawer/Poem: Rhyme of a   By Archibald
  • Editor's drawer/Article: Homesick horses
  • An editor's mistake
  • Governor Randolph  -By John S.(John Shelton) Patton
  • Editor's drawer/Poem  : Der oak und der vine  -By Charles Follen Adams
  • Illustration: Precedence at Bonnebouche Hall during the holidays -By George Du Maurier
  • Literary notes -By Laurence Hutton

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