Cumberland Gap, Harper's Monthly June 1886 U.S.Navy, Sugar-Mills,Pope Alexander VI

Cumberland Gap, Harper's Monthly June 1886 U.S.Navy, Sugar-Mills,Pope Alexander VI
Cumberland Gap, Harper's Monthly June 1886 U.S.Navy, Sugar-Mills,Pope Alexander VI
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ORIGINAL EDITION  Publisher-Printing Location: Harper & Brothers, New York, Date and Numbering: June, 1886 Volume LXXIII, Number CCCCXXXIII
Very Good - Size and Page Count: 6.5"X 10" Tall, 191 pages
Illustrations Information: 59 engravings ----An excellent opportunity for the collector, researcher or historian----

Articles and Information:  

  • Springhaven Frontispiece illustration by Frank French from drawing by Frederick Barnard
  • Springhaven (chaps. XI-XIV)  -By R.D. (Richard Doddridge) Blackmore with 4 illustrations by Frederick Barnard and Alfred Parson and engraved by Lindsay and Heard
  • The United States Navy. In transition  -By Rear Admiral Edward Simpson with many illustrations by J.O.Davidson, A.O.Bostrom and engraved by Wood, Deis, Hellawell, Bodenstar etc : Powhatan, Franklin of Merrimac Class, Hartford, Brooklyn, Kearsarge, New Ironsides, Paaaaic, Terror, Tennessee, Adams, Marion, Alert, Trenton, Chicago, Chicago plands, Atlanta plans, Atlanta Steel, Dolphin, Howell Torpedo, Six inch Steel Breech loading Rifle
  • The Home Acre. IV.”The Vineyard and orchard -By Edward Payson Roe
  • Through Cumberland Gap on Horseback -By James Lane Allen with illustrations by Julian Rix, E.W.Kenble, A.C.Redworrd: Old Ferry at Point Burnside, Blame me Beans, Native Types, Cumberland Falls, Moonrise on Cumberland Ridge, Mountaineer's Home,Ford on the Cumberland, Courtship, Mountaineer Dame, Family Burying ground, Corn-mill at Pineville, Cumberland Gap
  • She Stoops to Conquer; or, the mistakes of a night.A comedy (act fifth. continued) By Oliver Goldsmith with illustrations by E.A.Abbey
  • 1886 Sugar Cane Production - A Lump of Sugar -By R.R. (Richard Rogers) Bowker - Many illustrations: Early Amber Cane sorghum, cutting sugar cane, Primitive sugar-mill in Arkansas, Sugar-cane mill, Louisiana, Crushers, Weighing Sugar in the Docks, Mixing room, Refining Works, New York Harbor, Diagram of Refinery, Bone-Black Filter, Vacuum Pan, Filling the Comes, Sawing Sugar, Dancing Barrels, Sorghum Factory at Hutchinson, Kansas
  • Poem: Cultivate Happiness  -By Paul Hamilton Hayne
  • The Ministration of Death  -By Annie Porter
  • Poem:  The City of Is -By Minot Judson Savage
  • Poem:  The Archer's Prayer -By John William De Forest
  • Their Pilgrimage (chap. IV) -By Charles Dudley Warner with illustrations by C.S.Reinhart
  • The Death of Pope Alexander VI  -By Thomas Frederick Crane
  • King Arthur. Not a love story (chaps. VII-VIII)  -By Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
  • Editor's easy chair
  • Editor's study/Review -By William Dean Howells
  • Gogol', Nikolai Vasil'evich; Realism in literature; Russian literature
  • Monthly record of current events including Political,Disasters, Obituary
  • Editor's drawer
  • Richmond
  • Cartoons
  • Advertisements


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