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1511 Gratianus Decretum Aureum
Original 1511 Page of Gratianus Decretum Aureum (Golden Decree) or The Decretum Gratiani, ..
Ex Tax: $50.00
1525 Bernardus Justinianus De Tridinio Explicatur Lawrence Giustiniani
Original Leaf from the 1525 Bernardus Justinianus (or Bernardo Giustiniani or Bernard Justinian) De ..
Ex Tax: $50.00
1554 Lansperqius Conciones Paraeneticae
Original leaf from the 1554 Lansperqius' Conciones Paraeneticae, printed at Cologne by Johannes ..
Ex Tax: $50.00
1568 Cosmographia Knight beheading a prisoner
Original Manuscript of a Knight beheading a prisoner 1568 Leaf from Sebastian Münster &nbs..
Ex Tax: $50.00
1596 Actes And Monuments of matters, Booke of  Martyres - Leaf
 Original 1596 printing by Peter Short in London of "ACTES And Monuments of matters most s..
Ex Tax: $50.00
Diplomata Karolinorum IX, Kings of Provence, Kings of Burgundy 8th and 9th Century
Rare Historical Copies from artifacts published in 1949 Diplomata Karolinorum IX Kings of Provenc..
Ex Tax: $100.00
Original Large Volume "Harmoniae Evangelistarum Chemnitio Lyseriane Continvatio" in Latin&..
Ex Tax: $1,000.00
History of Ancient Flanders 1650 Historia Comitum Flandria
Original 1650 Book - History of Ancient Flanders by Olivarius Vredius in Latin Conditio..
Ex Tax: $700.00
Sermons Of Father Gio Paolo Oliva Volume 1 through 9, printed in Venice 1693 in the Italian Language
Original Rare Complete Set of 9  Printed from 1689 to 1694 Domestic Sermons Of Father G..
Ex Tax: $1,200.00
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