Paul Gerding Better Homes and Gardens December 1931 Walter Shaw Brewster, Stratton O. Hammon

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Original December 1931 Better Homes and Gardens Magazine Volume 10 Number 4

Condition: Good, missing 2 pages 5/6, 29/30, some edge tears 8" x 12" tall, over 50 pages

  • Child Shoveling Snow Painting by Paul Gerding
  • Color Ad for Mazda Lamps by General Electric
  • Color Ad for Swift's Premium Ham
  • Color Ad for P & G White Napntha Soap
  • Let the Whole House Say Merry Christmas by Adele Wyman with 4 illustrations
  • Fairfield County Connecticut Colonial Home Remodle by Marjorie Reid Rodes - Walter Shaw Brewster with photos and illustrations
  • Child Guidance Service with Dr. George D. Stoddard of Iowa
  • Junior Garden Clubs of America with 6 photos
  • Cuddle toys and Grown-up Gifts with 5 photos
  • Our Garden in the Far North by Rose Glen Webster - Minnesota with photo
  • Stratton O. Hammon Louisville Kentucky with illustrations
  • Practical Gifts for Better Housekepping by Mabel J. Stegner with photos
  • One to 4 page articles with photos by: Victor H. Ries, Eleanor Hubbard Garst, Edith M. Barber, Inez Searles Willson, H. M. Flemming
  • Fiddle De Dum De Dee by Marguerite Gode & Louise Rockwell with illustration
  • Color Ad for Pillsbury's Best Flour - rear cover

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