Lyof N. Tolstoi Essays, Letters Miscellanies 1899

Lyof N. Tolstoi Essays, Letters Miscellanies 1899
Lyof N. Tolstoi Essays, Letters Miscellanies 1899
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Original 1899 Lyof N. Tolstoi Essays, Letters Miscellanies  in New York by Charles Scribner's Sons - First Edition -

Condition: Fair, text block Good, hard bound marbled boards, half leather, hinges have been repaired, leather cracked and pieces broken off, 5.5" x 8.25" tall with 612 pages, copywight 1899 by Thomas Y. Crowell & Co.

  • Frontage of Lyof N. Tolstoi from painting of 1884
  • General Articles Introduction,
  • Patriotism and Christianity
  • Two Wars
  • The Beginning of the End
  • Carthago delenda est
  • Shame!
  • Nikolai Palkin
  • In the Cause of Temperance - Feast of Enlightenment of January Twenty-fourth, To God or Mammon, Why do People stupefy themselves?
  • Church and State
  • How to read the Gospels
  • Reason and religion
  • Autobiographical: first Recollections, The Demands of Love,
  • Three Parables - A WEED had spread over a beautiful meadow. And in order to get rid of it the tenants of the meadow mowed it, but the weed only increased in consequence. And now the kind, wise master came to visit the tenants of the meadow, and among the other good counsels which he gave them, he told them they ought not to mow the weed, since that only made it grow the more luxuriantly, but .........
  • Famine Articles
  • The Dukhobors
  • Letters, Public and Private
  • Introductions, Etc

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