Mandarin Bible Revision Committee January 7, 1920 The Outlook American Troops on the Statue of William I

Mandarin Bible Revision Committee January 7, 1920 The Outlook American Troops on the Statue of William I
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Original January 7, 1920 The Outlook Magazine World War I

An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Current Events of January 1920

Condition: Very Good, NO MISSING pages, Complete with Ads that the bound volumes do not include. corner bumps, 9" X 12" Tall.  Editors Lawrence R. Abbott, N.T.Pulsifer

  • GMC Trucks Ad 1920 Model 16
  • White Trucks Ad
  • The Second Industrial Conference, Fellowship Plan of Industrial Conference
  • Wood Alcohol (Methanol) Deaths and Blindness in the Connecticut Valley prohibition deliberate sale
  • Theodore Roosevelt America League
  • American Legion
  • John D. Rockefeller with photo
  • William M. Wood with photo
  • David P. Barrows photo University of California
  • Photo of Walter Hampden in 'The Wayfarer"
  • Current Events 1920 Cartoons
  • Japanese "Picture Brides" with photo
  • World Unrest and the Spirit of Christmas
  • Labor and the Railways
  • 1920 A New Year's Message by Lyman Abbott
  • A Capitalist's Confession of Faith by Charles A. Miller with introduction by Frederick M. Davenport
  • What George Would Have Done  by Fullerton L. Waldo (George Borrow)
  • A Russian Appreciation of Theodore Roosevelt by Princess Catherine Radziwill
  • Civic Beauty by Mabel Skinner
  • Knoll Papers by Lyman Abbott 'The Misunderstood Christ'
  • Full Page Photo of American Troops on the Statue of William I at the Rhine and Moselle Rivers
  • Photo of Mandarin Revision Committee - completed a new bible for the Chinese
  • Joseph Faurot finger-print expert , Captain John Ayres
  • U.S. Army in Constantinople
  • Monks on Warsaw when Poland returned(for a little while)
  • Amalfi Warship passing through the Kiel Canal
  • Book Reviews
  • Robt. Burns Cigar Ad
  • Horses replaced by motor vehicles (trucks)
  • Packard Motor Car Company Ad
  • Pennsylvania Vacuum Cup Cord Tires Ad
  • The Human Cost of the World War by Henry L. Sweinhart
  • Arkansas Soft Pine rear cover Color Ad

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