Eva Marie Saint Saturday Review July 27, 1957

Eva Marie Saint Saturday Review July 27, 1957
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Original July 27, 1957 Saturday Review Magazine 

Condition: Very Good, 8" x 11" tall, 52 pages book reviews, TV, Radio, Movie Reviews

  • Eva Marie Saint of Hatful of Rain on Front Cover
  • Britain's Angry Young Men by J.D.Scott -small photos of Kingsley Amis, John Wain, Hohn Braine, Hohn Osborne
  • Love in a Hong Kong Bar (Prostitution) by Preston Schoyer
  • Doomed People - On the Beach by Nevil Shute - By John T. Winterich  with photo of Shohei Ooka
  • One Man's Guilt - Fires on the Plain by Shohei Ooka by David Dempsey
  • Israel Its Present and Promise -Bridgehead: The Drama of Israel by Waldo Frank - by Walter Z. Laqueur with photo of Waldo Frank
  • Egypt: The Suez Imbroglio - Guilty Men 1957 by Michael Foot and Mervyn Jones by Hal Lehrman
  • You Still have your Head by Franz Schoenberner by Robert Bierstedt
  • Cold Blood by Judson Jerome
  • Jesting Apostle by Stephen Winsten - Bernard Shaw by Edmund Fuller with Photo
  • The Victorian Frame of Mind by Walter E. Houghton by George Woodcock
  • Massacre The Tragedy at White Rive by Marshall Sprague by Dale Morgan
  • Acorns and Oaks by Abram Chasins
  • Departments
  • Crossword 
  • Advertisements by: Bell Telephone, Anaconda Company, 

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