'A penny for your thought!'

'A penny for your thought!'

'A penny for your thought!'

The way a child thinks, 1903

"People say to me,

   'A penny for your thought!' 
And I can't remember thinking; 

  And I should think I ought. 
I wasn't sleeping, either; 

    I know that, because 
I saw things out of my two eyes: 

I wonder where I was.

"Now I'm back, I see them

    Sitting all around; 
And the noise together 

   Makes a purring sound. 
But I know something more 

   Than just awhile ago; 
I know something more!— 

I wonder what I know."

Mystic by Josephine Preston Peabody 

December 1903 Harper's Monthly Magazine

Drawing by Elizabeth Shippen Green

from a first printing of "The Little Past"

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