Geography Made Easy 1802

Geography Made Easy 1802
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Geography Made Easy 1802  Geography Made Easy 1802 

Original Edition

By Jedidiah Morse (minister in Charlestown near Boston) Publisher-Printing Location:? Date and Numbering: 1802* Size and Page Count: 4" X 6.5" Tall,   432 Pages

Condition:-Fair-  Binding is poor, boards loose, full leather, in 1800's past a burlap type cloth was hand stiched over boards and spine. text block yellowing but clear, NO water stains, previous owner name on end page 'Sarah E Rice'. title page and map missing but other text pages intact.

* based on the last page 432 which is part of "An Improved Chronological Table".  The last entry says"

  • 1800 Feb.22 the Birth-Day of Gen. Washington was, by appointment of Congrefs, to be obferved throughout the United States as a day of mourning.
  • June. the feat of the Federal government transferred from Philadelphia to the City of Washington.

-------- An excellent opportunity for the collector, researcher or historian ---------

GEOGRAPHY made easy: being an abridgment of the American Geography. CONTAINING,

Astronomical geography; discovery and general description of America; general view of the United States; particular accounts of the thirteen united states of America, in regard to their boundaries, extent, rivers, lakes, mountains, productions, population, character, government, trade, manufactures, curiosities, history, &c.

To witch is added, A geographical account of the European settlements in America; and of Europe, Asia and Africa. Calculated particularly for the use and improvement of schools in the united states: and recommended by the committee of the town of Boston for regulating public schools.



NO \tnational government holds out to its subjects so many alluring \tmotives to obtain an accurate knowledge of their own' country, and \tof its various interests, as that of the United States of America. \tBy the freedom of our elections, public honors and public offices \tare not confined to any one class of men, but are offered to merit, \tin whatever rank it may be found. To discharge the duties of public \toffice with honor and applause, the history, policy, commerce, \tproductions, particular advantages and interests of the several \tstates ought to be thoroughly understood. It is obviously wise and \tprudent, then, to initiate our youth Into the knowledge of these \tthing?, and thus to form their minds upon correct principles, and \tprepare them for future usefulness and honor. There is no science \tbetter adapted to the capacities of youth, and more apt to captivate \ttheir attention than Geography. An acquaintance with this science, \tmore than with any other, satisfies that pertinent curiosity, which \tis the predominant feature of the youthful mind. This part of \teducation was long neglected in America . Our young men, formerly, \twere much better acquainted with the geography of Europe and Asia, \tthan with that of their own state and country. The want of suitable \tbooks was the cause of this defect in our education. Till the year \t1789, when the first edition of the American Geography was published \tby the Author, the geography of this part of the world was unwritten \tand indeed but very imperfectly known to any one. Previously to this \tperiod we seldom pretended to write, and hardly to think for \tourselves. We humbly received from Great-Britain our laws, our \tmanners, our books, and our modes of thinking; and our youth were \teducated rather as the subjects of the British king, than as the \tcitizens of a free and independent nation. But the scene is now \tchanged. 'The revolution has proved favorable to science in general; \tparticularly to that of the geography of our own country. In the following pages, the Author has endeavored to bring this valuable branch of knowledge home to common schools, and...




  • Of Astronomical Geography,

Of the several Astronomical Systems of the World,. 10

Of the Planets, 11

Of the Solar System, 12

The Comets, ibid

The Fixed Stars, 13

Of the Earth, 14

Doctrine of the Sphere, 17

Of the Globes and their Use;

Useful Problems, 24

Of Maps and their Use, 28

Natural Divisions of the Earth, 29


History of its Discovery, 31

General Description of America, 37


Summary Account of its Discovery and Settlement, in

Chronological Order, 48

Boundaries, Extent and Divisions, 50

Table of the different Countries, Provinces and States of

North America—to whom belonging—Chief Towns,

and Number of Inhabitants, 51

Danish. America.

West Greenland, 5

boundaries and Extent, Face of the Country, Population, &.«. ibid

British America.

Situation and Extent, 55

New Britain,

Upper and Lower Canada, 59

Sydney, or Island of Cape Breton,. tz

Nova Scotia, C4.

Island of St. John's, 65

Newfoundland, . 66

  • United States Of America.


General Description of the United States, including many

useful and entertaining Matters,

Division, or Northern er Eastern States

New England


New Hampshire, 119

District of Maine, 127

Massachusetts, 13a

Rhode Island, 146

Connecticut, 154

Second Grand Division, or Middle States. 166

New York, 167

New Jersey, i8z

Pennsylvania, 188

Delaware, 197

Territory N. W. of the Ohio, 201

Third Grand Division, or Southern States. 207

Maryland, 208

Virginia-, ' 31 j

Kentucky,. _ 225

North Carolina, 329


South Carolina,

Georgia, _ 250

Mississippi Territory, 259

Spanish Dominions in North America.

East and Welt Florida, 261

Louisiana 263

Mexico, or New Spain, 263

  • West India Islands 294
  • Europe 312
  • Asia 364
  • Africa 400

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