Railroads World's Work 1905 Volume 10 Admiral Togo, Oregon, Western Canada, The Automobile, William T. Jerome

Railroads World's Work 1905 Volume 10 Admiral Togo, Oregon, Western Canada, The Automobile, William T. Jerome
Railroads World's Work 1905 Volume 10 Admiral Togo, Oregon, Western Canada, The Automobile, William T. Jerome
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Original May 1905 to October 1905 bound The World's Work Magazine Volume 10 "A History of Our Time"

Condition: Very Good, Leather and buckram hard bound, library stamp on end page, 7.5" x 10" tall over 650 pages by Doubleday New York, with current events and many B&W photo essays.

  • INDEX of Portraits 150 high resolution Full Page B&W photos of Men and Women of 1905
  • Henry H. Rogers - Monopolist by John S. Gregory
  • Money Test of Art Appreciation by Charles H. Caffin with Many Photos
  • C.S.Mellen Master of Traffic. Northern Pacific Railroad by Eugene O. Lyle, Jr. with  Photo
  • The Kansas Oil Fight by Isaac F. Marcosson (between State of Kansas and Standard Oil) with Many Photos
  • Summer Camps for Boys by Winthrop Tisdale Talbot - Camp Idlewild with 15 Photos
  • Electrical Locomotive by Bernard Meiklejohn With Many Photos
  • Masters of Insurance Finance by I.S.Grim With Many Photos
  • The Church's Blight on Russia by Perceval Gibbon Russian Orthodox Church With Many Photos
  • Foresting the Prairies by Charles M. Harger With Many Photos
  • Japan's Closing of the Open Door by J. Gordon Smith with 6 photos
  • New England Small Town by Rollin Lynde Hartt Mayflower With Many Photos
  • Modern Profession of Inventing by French Strother With Many Photos - Charles P. Steinmetz of General Electric, Thomas Edison, Turbines
  • Newest Railroad Power Judge W. H. Moore, W. B. Leeds, J.H.Moore, D.G.Reid - Rock Island Crowd by C. M. Keys With Many Photos Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad
  • City Plans Washington D.C., New York What A City Might Be by M. G. Cunniff With Many Photos
  • New York Public Schools by Charles Culver Johnson With Many Photos
  • Libraries for Everybody by Herbert Putnam with many charts
  • Chicago's Strike Ordeal Garment Workers and Teamsters by Stanley Powers With Many Photos
  • American Paintings by Annie Nathan Meyer With Many Photos
  • The Ideal Home by Joy Wheeler Dow With Many Photos
  • Admiral Togo The Battle of Tsushima of Japan With Many Photos and Charts Battle of Tsushima
  • Lewis and Clark Fair in Portland Oregon by Robertus Love With Many Photos
  • What the Northwest Is by Joseph Blethen With Many Photos, Giant Cedars and Firs
  • The Larger Coast Cities by W.H.P. With Many Photos
  • The Inland Empire by W.H. Kirkbride - Idaho, Washington and Oregon With Many Photos, of Farming 1905 with huge steam tractors, Overland Horse Stage, Main Street Boise Idaho
  • Alaska by William T. Perkins With Many Photos
  • Five Grizzlies in Five Shots by W. H. Wright
  • The Greater Britain on the Pacific by Vincent Harper and Agnes Deans Cameron - Northwest British Columbia With Many Photos
  • Winning the Canadian West by Theodore M. Knappen With Many Photos - Winnipeg, Making the Main Ditch for Irrigation near Calgary, Alberta, Trains, 
  • Effect of the American Invasion (into Canada) by J. Olivier Curwood With Many Photos
  • The Story of the Santa Fe Railroad by Rowland Thomas With Many Photos
  • Manila by Bradford K. Daniels With Many Photos
  • Awakening of Philadelphia by Isaac F. Marcosson - Revolution that ended a era of Bosses With Many Photos
  • Railroad Methods as Railroad Kings by C. M. Keys With Many Photos
  • Seventy-Six Men and What they Control 'Business Senate" by Sereno S. Pratt With 76 Photos
  • The Automobile in Industry by H. Olerich with 19 photos
  • Our Mix-Up in Santo Domingo by Eugene P. Lyle, Jr. With Many Photos
  • William Travers Jerome: A Man by M.G.Cunniff With Many Photos - William Travers Jerome

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