The Selector

The Selector (rare)

A low volume, at times weekly or fortnightly (biweekly) magazine published in and around London England from 1776 to 1783? or later. The Selector included cultural and literary essays; analysis of poetry and fiction; some articles in the form of imaginary dialogues. 

John Calder explained that he was involved in the magazines beginnings and wrote a few articles in the first issue. 'In November 1776 Dr. Calder drew up the plan, and contributed several Papers to the First Number of a Periodical Work, in the nature of Review and Magazine, called " The Selector," printed for Laidler, Prince's-street, Leicester-fields. Of this Publication he thus freely speaks in one of his Letters: " Some of the articles which I furnished, as for example the little Essay of Dr. Hawkesworth, etc. were not printed with my signature F; but I have added it to every thing that I can recollect ; and where you do not find it either printed or written, I am no way concerned."'

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The Selector Number 3 1776
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