Ram's Horn

The Ram's Horn was an independent weekly conservative religious magazine, published in Chicago, Illinois during the 1890s and the early years of the twentieth century by Frederick L. Chapman & Company.  The title  'A Ram's Horn' comes from a Hebrew Shofar which is a cornet or curved ram's horn; cornet or trumpet.  Their Motto was 'By faith the walls of Jericho fell down. -Hebrews XI, 30.'  This non-denominational Christian periodical viewed the secular drift of American society with alarm. Included are views of Immigration, wealthy, smoking, liquor traffic and prohibition, trusts, political bosses and America in the world.

Frank Beard was its principal illustrator and cartoonist.



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Ram's Horn October 3 1896
  Original Edition Publisher-Printing Location: Chicago  Date and Numbering:O..
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