Railroad Model Craftsman

Published Monthly by Model Craftsman Publishing, Bristo, Conn. Railroad Model Craftsman is an American magazine specializing in the hobby of model railroading. Its first issue in March 1933 was called The Model Craftsman because it covered other areas of scale modeling as well. Founded by Emanuele Stieri, it was second owner Charles A. Penn who helped grow the company and lead the publication towards the hobby of scale models. In April 1949 it changed its focus to model trains and changed its name to Railroad Model Craftsman reflect this change in editorial content.

Magazine content often include:

  • Saftety Valve
  • Series articles on contruction methods
  • Scene Contrutions
  • Making Varitety of Cars
  • Landscape
  • FotoPlans
  • Buildings
  • The Layout Doctor
  • Blueprints
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Car Barn
  • Dispatcher's Report
  • Teenage roundhouse
  • Offn The Table Top
  • Organizing Railorad Controls
  • Shoppers Digest
  • Local Suppliers
  • Swappers Column
  • Sometimes, Foldout Blueprint
  • Many Ads


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Original Issue of - February 1953 Railroad Model Craftsman 8" X 11" tall, about 50 pages Condition..
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1958 October Railroad Model 2100 Mallet Steam Locomotive, LIONEL foldout Ad
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1958 Railroad Model Craftsman November
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Railroad Craftsman 1950 Lot of 3
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