1941 World War II PM Newspaper April 28 France, Dr. Seuss - Since when did we swap our ego for an ostrich?

1941 World War II PM Newspaper April 28 France, Dr. Seuss - Since when did we swap our ego for an ostrich?
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Original April 28 1941 PM Newspaper New York Daily Vol. 1, #224

Condition: Very Good, 32 pages, missing 1 page 23-24, 12" x 14,5" tall, edge tear

  • World War II - Churchill Says Victory is Assured by U.S. Neutrality Patrols
  • Photos of Greek officers with German Chief of Staff, Pagagos
  • Nazis beyond Athens, Egypt
  • ​Adm. Percy Walker Nelles, Canada contributed troops
  • John D. Rockefeller Jr. Photo and article about his support of Britian against Hitlerism.
  • TWU Transport Workers Union Election New York Subway 0 with 10 Photos
  • Editorial Shall we Wait for the Fascist
  • Remember How France Waited for Hitler to Attack?    Large Photo of France before blitzkrieg - Army scout on reconnaissance peeking through the crotch of a tree, sad and apprehensive waiting to see what the Fascists will do.
  • 10 photos on 2 pages showing how French military was not prepared for war.
  • Full Page Photo of Frenchman crying caption - And After the Fascists Had Come
  • 9 Panel Map of Nazis advancement and caption "These Countries Waited for Hitler to Come..."
  • Photo of Cuba 1933 rebellion
  • Photo of British and French prisoners guarded by a single German Tank.
  • Article about U.S. Anglo Navies by Ben Robertson, Jr.  and cartoon 
  • Greenland with 3 photos
  • Greenland Map World War II 1941
  • ANTI-FORD MOTOR COMPANY ARTICLE - Large Photo and article on Ralph Rimar - I Was a Ford Spy
  • 4 Photos German tanks in Larissa Greece, Captured Serbs, Captain Paul Cross, English Fitting Basin
  • 3 Photos, Athens, Bulgaria's King Boris with Hitler and Keitel, Greek Gen. Tsolahoglu signs Nazi terms for the surrender of his Army of Epirus at Larissa.
  • First Printing! Dr. Seuss - Since when did we swap our ego for an ostrich? - Cartoon of a U.S. coin with words 'In God We Trust and How! - The Lindbergh Quarter' - This cartoon was later printed with other Theodor Seuss Geisel​ cartoons in a 1999 book called 'Dr. Seuss Goes to War​'
  • Photo of Walter Jones
  • Radio Timetables for Tuesday and Wednesday April 28-29 1941 New York
  • 6 Photos of a Broomstick Shirt
  • 6 photos of fashion shoes
  • 6 photos in sequence Dodgers verses Giants on Lee sliding into home, catcher is Danning and umpire is Barlick
  • ​Baseball articles
  • Kentucky Derby predictions, Jamaica, etc.

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