Frederic Remington Bear-Chasing Harper's July 1895 Mark Twain, University of Pennsylvania

Frederic Remington Bear-Chasing Harper's July 1895 Mark Twain, University of Pennsylvania
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ORIGINAL EDITION of Harper's New Monthly Magazine July, 1895 Volume XCI, Number DXLII
Publisher-Printing Location:  Harper & Brothers, New York. Size and Page Count: 6.5 X 10 Tall,approx.210 pages
Condition: Very Good , binding tight, cover has small tears at spine cover approx. 50 illustrations and many pages of vintage advertising!
 ----An excellent opportunity for the collector, researcher or historian----
Articles and Information:

  • Commedia Frontispiece by T.W.Dewing engraved by Frank French
  • Some Imaginative Types in American Art -By Royal Cortissoz -with 10 illustrations
  • Annie Tousey's little Game -By Margaret Sutton Briscoe  -with 1 illustrations
  • In the Garden of China -By Julian Ralph -with 8 illustrations
  • The German struggle for liberty (I-V) -By Poultney Bigelow  -with 6 illustrations & 2 maps
  • Rosamond's Romance -By George A. (George Abiah) Hibbard 
  • Poem: All-Souls Day -By Rosamund Marriott Watson
  • Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc (part II, chaps. V-VII)-By Mark Twain  -with 1 illustration by F.V.Du Mond​
  • Bear-Chasing in the Rocky Mountains - with 9 illustrations​ By Frederic Remington
  • Hearts Insurgent (later published as Jude the Obscure(chaps. XXXIII-XXXVI) -By Thomas Hardy  -with 1 illustration
  • Poem: Earth's Ravishment -By James Herbert Morse 
  • Where Charity Begins -By Owen Wister
  • Americans in Paris -By Richard Harding Davis (5 Illustrations by Charles Dana Gibson)
  • The University of Pennsylvania -By Francis Newton Thorpe  -with 18 illustrations
  • The Horoscope of Two Portraits -By Candace Wheeler
  • Editor's study/Article -By Charles Dudley Warner  -with 3 illustrations
  • Monthly Record of Current Events
  • The Pacha's Levee  -By Robert Howard Russell
  • A Kentucky Wit -By G. P.
  • Editor's drawer/Cartoon: A muscle strained
  • Editor's drawer -By John Kendrick Bangs
  • My Lord the Book  -By John Kendrick Bangs
  • Editor's drawer/Poem: The bibliomiser -By John Kendrick Bangs
  • Editor's drawer/Poem: The collector  -By John Kendrick Bangs
  • Editor's drawer/Poem; A reader  -By John Kendrick Bangs
  • Editor's drawer/Poem: A cynic's view  -By John Kendrick Bangs
  • An Unhappy Tribute
  • Editor's drawer/Joke: Hoist with his own petard
  • Editor's drawer/Joke: All right
  • Editor's drawer/Cartoon: A rejection
  • Editor's drawer/Cartoon: The new man
  • Editor's drawer/Poem: A clever arrangement
  • Mr. O'Flaherty's precaution
  • Editor's drawer/Joke: His explanation
  • Literary notes  -By Laurence Hutton
  • Literary notes  -By Laurence Hutton
  • Many pages of ADs including bicycles, cameras, typewriters etc

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