Golden Days

Golden Days for Boys and Girls was a late 19th-century children's story paper, distributed weekly as an accompaniment to the paper Saturday Night. Running from March 6, 1880 to May 11, 1907, Golden Days  was the brainchild of newspaperman James Elverson (1838–1911), who later owned the Philadelphia Inquirer.Golden Days featured stories, activities and lessons which were mostly gender-specific, with separate stories appealing to boys and girls. Many of the stories were serialized over several issues; a measure designed to drive increased weekly sales. The themes largely involved school, athletics, westerns and the frontier, travel, exploration, adventure, the sea, and success stories. The paper also included a weekly puzzle page, Puzzledom; a section for advice and responses to the young readers, the Letter Box; and a weekly Bible lesson and devotional titled "International Lessons", provided by such persons as Rev. D. P. Kidder, D. D. and Rev C. E. Strobridge, D. D.Certainly, this paper's contents catered to parents and clergymen, offering alternative material to the violence and debauchery of the 'blood and thunder' dime novels, such as those published by Frank Tousey and Norman Munro.

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Golden Days Volume 13 1891-1892
Original Golden Days Magazine Bound Volume 13 1891-1892 from November 28 1891 to November 19,1892..
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