Bridge Tally Cards Lot of 16 1927 to 1931

Bridge Tally Cards Lot of 16 1927 to 1931
Bridge Tally Cards Lot of 16 1927 to 1931
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Original 16 Bridge, Game Tally Cards 
Used, 2.3" x 3.5" many are dated with tallys (game scores) and the name of 'Mary Louise'  Name Date Total published by either Vollant, Buzza Co., etc. 
Some of the dates and game event locations are.
  1. New Years Eve 1931 with the New Year Deco Art Ballerina on front
  2. Christmas December 25, 1927 at Madelia (Doebirl?) with black haired Deco Girl
  3. January 23, 1929 at Mildred MacDonald  Dot. Brunri with girl in a Spade on front
  4. September 29, 1928 at Convention Card Party with European town street view
  5.  August 7, 1928 Garden Party Annabelle Schnieders
  6. ​November 21, 1927 Sorority 
  7. February 2, 1931 - Sorority at my house Had made high score Mary Louise
  8. March 9 ?, 
  9. June 8, 1927 Woman's Club Cheramy Club - M.L. Spitznas
  10. December 22, 1928 Madeline Doehrls Waffle Party
  11. March 26, 1929 Barbara Kimmils - Won Blue Brooch Pin - Butterfly on front
  12. June 10, 1927 Katherine Perry party - Henry van Dyke on front ( about 20 Signatures on tally columns)
  13. June 12, 1928 - Party for Omicron by Nu & Eta
  14. ​October 18, 1927 - Anna Mae Weschlers
  15. November 20, 1929 - Dolores McKelvey - won Charles Dick Cards - Louis XVI on front
  16. No date, Nicolette on front
The graphics on 1920s-1930s Bridge Tally cards are so beautiful that these fabulous cards used to keep score in Bridge games with  multiple players are in demand. While you will find  that these cards were made with numerous themes and patterns, die cut Art Deco versions with images of "ladies", "Flappers", "Bonnet girls", "brides" or "gentlemen" are very desirable.  Other themes are "dogs", "florals", "parties",  "the Orient", holidays and more. etc.  Colorfully, stylish and designed  with elements of the Art Deco period Bridge tally cards are mini artworks. Not only are these cards of interest to old paper collectors, but collage artists and  crafters also like these vibrant cards to use in their projects.

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