Harper's Monthly October 1901

Harper's Monthly October 1901
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Publisher-Printing Location:  Harper & Brothers, New York
Date and Numbering: October, 1901 Volume CIII, Number DCXVII
Size and Page Count: 6.5” X 10” Tall,approx. 189 pages,including the back covers, advertisements,and statement of Harper’s New Monthly Magazine
Condition: Good, binding good,spine cover has one small tear, page with untrimmed edges are browning and chipping on edge, some waterstain is evident on pages but is fairly faint and does not affect reading the print
Illustrations Information:approx. 45 illustrations and many pages of vintage advertisements!

   ----An excellent opportunity for the collector, researcher or historian----

Articles and Information:

The Hotel of the Beautiful Star  -By William Sharp
Poem: The grave's compass  -By Susie Montgomery Best
The royal tombs at Abydos: An account of recent discoveries
By W.M. Flinders (William Matthew Flinders) Flinders-Petrie
The hills of Habersham  -By Mary Applewhite Bacon
“In lovers' land”  -By Agnes Repplier
Poem: Life  -By Hildegarde Hawthorne
His wife. A story in three parts (part II)  -By Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward
Poem: The child eternal  -By Irene Fowler Brown
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: From an artist's stand-point
By Peter Newell

King custom  -By Maud Stepney Rawson
The new psychology  -By G. Stanley (Granville Stanley) Hall
Distinctly a plight -By Paul Leicester Ford
The trial path  -By Zitkala-èSa
Dream and a day -By John Vance Cheney
Glimpses of the Great Plateau -By Theophil Mitchell Prudden
The portion of labor (part VIII, chaps. XXVII-XXXII)  -By Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman
The Madonna of the ermine mantle: A legend of La Motte Feuilly, the dower-château of Charlotte d'Albret, wife of César Borgia
By Elizabeth W. (Elizabeth Williams) Champney
Joe  -By John Paul Bocock
Babes in the woods  -By John Burroughs
Poem: The last meeting  -By Ruth Underhill
The little girl who should have been a boy -By Annie Hamilton Donnell
Colonies and nation: A short history of the people of the United States ([part X])
By Woodrow Wilson

The Beldonald Holbein  -By Henry James  - First Printing!
Poem: Baby stars: A child's song  -By Richard Le Gallienne
Editor's easy chair -By William Dean Howells
Pinkerton's nightmare  -By John Kendrick Bangs
Editor's drawer/Poem: Les enfants francais -By Laura Cate
A new way to pay old debts  -By Henry Rowan Lemly
The rabbit—an imitation  -By Gustave Verbeek
Editor's drawer/Cartoon: A jovial luminary
Editor's drawer/Joke: A neglected obligation  -By M.A. B.
Editor's drawer/Poem: To Heni: Late an official of Egypt, now in the British Museum. Died 2600 B.C.
By Robert Loveman
Editor's drawer/Cartoon: In childhood's happy hour
Editor's drawer/Poem: An entomological lyric
By Carlyle Smith

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